Fluoride treatment for one and all

Over the years, one’s smile tends to fade and lose its lustre. It is very much distracting to see yellow smiles around ourselves. Shining teeth protrudes a person as more approachable and attractive. Flawless teeth are healthier too and have the capacity to win over hearts with its million dollar smile that can light up everyone around. Discoloration of teeth is a process every one of us has to encounter along with this other problems that one might have to face are gum problems or plaques. Nothing is constant in life and it can be said so about teeth problems too. Most of the problems can be avoided at home only with minimal effort. Eating strawberries, flossing of teeth daily, keeping to a healthy diet, brushing daily, giving up on smoking etc are some of the measures one can stick to on a daily basis to avoid problems that can be caused due to neglecting teeth.

What is fluoride treatment?

Fluoride is an element that occurs naturally and strengthens the teeth. Fluoride treatment or might also call it as fluoride therapy is a means to deliver fluoride to the teeth in order to guard them from cavities. This process in general repairs more than preventing the damage to teeth. Water, meat,etc. are some of the ways in which fluoride can be naturally provided to the body. While fluoride is obtained naturally in water, in some places it is also added manually. Apart from these now a day’s toothpaste and certain other products have fluoride content in them.
In a situation where a small child has started to develop cavities and goes to a dentist in Dubai as for example satwa dental clinic Some reasons that the dentist might give as the reasons increase the chances of tooth to decay are:

• Poor brushing habit
• A bad diet like frequent snacking
• Infrequent dental check-ups
• Having a history of teeth cavities
The ways in which fluoride treatment is healthy are
• Helps to strengthen the enamel
• Restricts the bacteria from forming acids.
• Strengthens the teeth from the inside as well as outside.
Risks involved with using a lot of fluorides
• Can be hazardous if taken in high doses.
• Young kids might feel nauseous if excessive amounts of fluoride are taken in by them.
• Excess intake of fluoride can result in the development of spots on the enamel of developing teeth of children.

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